SSBBW Dating: What You Need To Know First

So you’re a full-fledged Fat Admirer on fire? You need help harpooning that big, beautiful whale of a woman? Well, so long as that harpoon is hanging between your legs and not a literal harpoon, we can help you. Everything you need to know first is right here, including terminology, some reasons SSBBWs are best, dating sites reviews, secret places to look, and starting conversations with your super-sized, big beautiful date.


    You’re a Fat Admirer (FA) looking to date a Super-sized, Big, Beautiful Woman (SSBBW). You love women over 300 pounds and affectionately call them Super Chubby Bunnies, Extreme Pears, Huge Cuties, and Extra-Plump Princesses, though not to their face on the first conversation. You’re Pro-Fat and against Fat-Shaming because nothing is as sweet as loving a body-positive SSBBW.

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    The Women. Super-sized, Big Beautiful women often have amazing personalities because they have chosen to live life their own way, free of the discriminations and hang-ups of modern society.

    The Respect. It’s true that you will earn a lot of disrespect from certain kinds of people for dating a Super Chubby Bunny. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what they think. Much more important is how much you respect yourself and how much your woman respects you. If you have the balls big enough to date a 300+ pound woman, then you should respect the shit out of yourself. Your woman definitely will, not to mention other women who value men with big balls.

    The Sex. Overweight women tend to have more sex than thin women. They’re not called Chubby Bunnies for no reason—they love to fuck. Imagine how much food you can incorporate into your sex life. There are plenty of SSBBWs out there eating over 10,000 calories a day. And afterward, they make the best pillows for cuddling.

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    Maybe the main reason to date a SSBBW is there has never been a better time to find one. In the USA alone, there are about 4 million people over 300 pounds. That number is growing, and those women are flocking online to enjoy conversation, connections, flirting, hookups, relationships, and marriage.

    At the time of this writing, there are 2 dating websites catered specifically to Super-Sized BBW dating. SSBBWMatch and SSBBWSingles are technically designed for meeting women over 300 pounds, but both have relatively small membership bases and allow men and women who are simply big and beautiful.

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    Conversations can happen anywhere. They can take place online, at clubs, or at the grocery store. The key is to get your mind right first.

    If you follow these principles for talking with a SSBBW, then you’ll be much better off making that conversation flow. Once the initial conversation starts flowing, it’s all downriver to dates, hookups, relationships and whatever else you may want.

    Treat SSBBWs like normal women. The number one misstep you can make is thinking that the extra weight somehow makes them radically different from anyone else. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that SSBBWs have to shun on a daily basis.

    If you want to show her that you’re unique and know how to act around 300 pounds of beautiful woman, then it is essential that you simply act normal. That may seem too simple, but if you read blogs and forums by SSBBWs, that is their number one piece of advice.

    “Treat us the same as you would anyone else.”

    Even though they are just like everyone else, they usually don’t get treated that way. Simply smile, listen, be positive, be flirtatious, and you are already steps ahead of everyone else.

    Make them laugh. Make a point to figure out her sense of humor as soon as possible. Big women have big laughs a big love for laughter. The key to any woman’s heart is laughter, and that holds especially true for Huge Cuties.

    Connect over something real. Find a common interest and exploit that to make the conversation natural and interesting. The sooner you can do this, the better because often one mutual interest gives way to another and another.

    There’s nothing secret or tricky about this one. Think television shows, books, food, restaurants, work, family, hobbies, etc. Look at the way she puts herself together and go from there.

    Does she look like the kind of person who reads more or watches movies more? Does she seem active or more of a home-body? Is she especially feminine or is there a good chance she has some more “masculine” hobbies? Use that information to guide the conversation. She will pick up on the fact that you’re both perceptive interested.

    Talk about her weight when the time is right. That almost always means waiting until after the first conversation. Many chubby chasers shoot themselves in the foot because they start an online conversation—or worse walk right up in person—and announce they love fat women.

    That’s great. That will be appreciated. But so will a little subtlety. Focus first on showing them that you are genuinely interested. Then later when you tell them, it will actually mean something.

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