Ultimate Guide To Dating A SSBBW

Super-sized, Big Beautiful Women are growing in numbers—and weight—every day. In order to get the biggest slice possible of that big, beautiful pie, you need an ultimate guide to dating SSBBWs.

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    As discussed in our starter article on SSBBW dating, it’s extremely important that you treat Extra-Chubby Bunnies as you would any other woman. Make them feel like you see them as totally normal—which they are—and that you are comfortable around them—which you should be.

    That said, there are ways in which extra large women are different from others. Here are three things you should keep in mind while dating.

    You have to proudly take her out in public. If you winced at that idea, you’re probably not man enough yet to be dating an Extra-Plump Princess. It shouldn’t matter what your family, friends, or the general public think about your relationship.

    It does matter how proud you are of your woman and how clear that is to her. That’s why you have to take her out in public, or at least be very willing to do so. It shows her that you think she’s arm candy and that you’re willing to stand up to any assholes who might come along.

    Let her decide what she calls herself. This one also takes some understanding. SSBBWs come in all shapes and sizes, and even more importantly, each one feels differently about how she looks. Some are extremely proud, and some are extremely insecure.

    Regardless, it’s her decision to feel however she wants about her weight. It’s not your job to tell her she’s not fat if she wants to call herself fat. And it’s not your place to say she’s beautiful just the way she is if she wants to lose weight. However she feels and talks about herself, you’re there to support her but not delude her.

    Don’t limit your activities based on stereotypes. That works both ways. Don’t only go to the movies and restaurants because you think she’s super sedentary. But don’t count out things like nature or going on a walk either. You might be surprised the things your woman is into, so communicate and be open to shit. Find common interests and go.

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    There are 3 main reasons why sex with Super-sized, Big Beautiful women is downright superior.

    It’s good science. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, studies have shown that overweight women tend to have more sex than their pole-thin counterparts. More experienced lovers are better lovers, more comfortable with your body and more capable of taking your orgasm to new levels.

    Plus, the erogenous zones are amazing. You like nipples? Great, SSBBWs have nipples for days. You like thighs? No problem, there’s enough thigh on a SSBBW to keep you coming back for years.

    The extra weight works for you. There are situations where all that extra woman will make things a little trickier. But there are plenty of scenarios where that extra love is perfect for extra goood loving.

    Of course, there is more cushion for the pushin’, and that means you don’t have to worry about breaking your partner. Go as hard as you can and get perfect softness in return.

    If you’re the kind of guy that enjoys a good cuddle, your SSBBW will not only be the perfect pillow, she’s essentially an entire mattress. You could even sleep directly on her if you’re thin enough.

    It’s good history. If you’ve been to an art museum even once, you’ve probably seen paintings and sculptures of half-nude, highly-voluptuous women. Not only have artists long understood the beauty of “overweight” women, they have also been immortalizing them for just as long.

    Even all the way back to prehistoric cultures, there are sex figurines that pay homage to women with a plethora of curves. That’s no coincidence. There’s something deeply primal about hitting it from behind on woman who can take it.

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    In a lot of ways, great advice for hookups with SSBBWs is the same as for anyone. It’s important to set the mood, slow down enough to enjoy the experience and use foreplay, and get kinky in order to keep things interesting. But SSBBW sex can be tricky from time to time, so here are some tips and tricks to get through the night smoothly.

    Know some tried and true positions. Before you climb into her California King-size bed, know that some positions work much better than others. Don’t expect to fly through the Kama Sutra in one night, but don’t be surprised by the shit she can pull off either.

    Missionary will be the easiest for her, but you may not reach. If nothing else, go for Doggy Style. If she gets tired, be sure to incorporate furniture into the mix. Take a look around her room and imagine where she can support herself.

    Incorporate food into foreplay. Maybe the reason so many men skip over foreplay is simple: they aren’t including food. Since most women who weight over 300 pounds eat at least 10,000 calories a day, you can be sure she’ll be down.

    Typically with incorporating food into sex and foreplay, it’s best to keep things sweet and light. But with your SSBBW, you may want to throw that out the window. Just raid the kitchen and go with your instincts.

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